Adopt a Lightspeed POS System and Outpace the Industry

How-a-POS-System-Can-Grow-Your-Retail-Business-White-Paper-cover-Lightspeed-ISM.pngRetailers adopting a Lightspeed POS system significantly outpace the industry in terms of growth.

A recent, in-depth analysis of 1,200 new Lightspeed Retail customers showed that, on average, Lightspeed’s customers grew their business by 20% after their first year with their new POS. This is far ahead of the 3.5% retail industry average growth for 2014.

And that’s not all. In another survey of more than 1,500 Lightspeed customers, 84% said they expect to see continued growth in the coming year, with 27% adding that they expect to see “substantially” more growth.


What are these retailers doing that is making their future seem so bright?

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