On-Demand Webinar – What’s New in Sage 100 / 100c 2018?


Celebrate the New Year with the New and Improved Sage 100 / 100c 2018.0


With every year that passes, your company progresses. With every year of progress, your company requires additional capabilities. That’s why it’s so vitally important that you keep your business’s software up to date with all the latest enhancements that’ll take your organization to the next level. Open up these opportunities to progress and develop and allow your business to rise in the ranks with the new Sage 100 / 100c 2018.0.

Don’t let those other companies pull ahead of you in 2018. Keep your competitive edge with the most competitive software. View the on-demand webinar and learn about all the new offerings in Sage 100 / 100c 2018.0. 

What’s New in the New Sage 100 / 100c 2018.0?

These days in the business world, you and your company are only as good as your technology allows you to be. You need to get as much functionality out of your system as possible in order to maximize your profits and minimize any waste –including wasted time. The enhancements in Sage 100 / 100c are designed to help streamline your business processes and give you better business insight.

The new features in the 2018.0 release include:

  • Sage Mobility for Barcode

Optimize your capabilities through the power of mobility with a mobile app that helps you save time and money. What savvy business leader doesn’t want more of those?

  • New Job Cost 2.0 enhancements

Get the power to manage deferred revenue and expenses while also gaining the ability to improve performance and usability.

  • Interactive Warehouse

Move to the next level in warehouse management with the ability to identify the real-time status of your active vs. inactive warehouses.

  • New enhancements for Payroll 2.0

Simplify your payroll processing with more effective business intelligence and reporting.

  • Spell check feature

Acquire the usefulness and capability of the spell check feature that we all count on everywhere in our lives.

Keep your business moving in the right direction throughout this new year with guidance from the latest and most up-to-date tools available. With the new enhancements for Sage 100 / 100c 2018.0, you can be sure that your company has all the latest streamlining capabilities.


See it for yourself.  Watch the on-demand webinar, “What’s New in Sage 100/100c 2018? and see all the fantastic new benefits your business can now access!

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