What Is AgileField and Is It Right for You?


Find Out if Your Company Could Benefit from AgileField in 2018


It’s a new year and that means everyone across the world has a list of New Year’s resolutions. Let’s be honest here: personal resolutions are hard to keep. Things like working out more, eating healthier, and learning a new language are extremely difficult, which is why the majority of us save those resolutions for this time of year.

Though it may take quite a bit of effort to accomplish your personal resolutions, it can be very easy to achieve many of your business resolutions. After all, business resolutions are simply your company’s yearly goals; and we all know you’re a pro at setting and meeting effective business goals.

In honor of those New Year’s business resolutions of yours, ISM is here to introduce a newly available field service management solution that can help you grow your business and increase your revenues with ease. It’s called AgileField.

Learn more in today’s post.

What Is AgileField?

AgileField is a set of cloud-based, integrated tools that work with your Sage 100 system to assist you in completing all your field service management tasks faster and easier.

The software includes:

  • Scheduling and dispatch functions that can save hours of your time every day
  • Mobile workforce management so you can complete tasks paper free
  • Inventory management so you can reduce your on-hand inventory costs
  • Work order management for better visibility into job status
  • Automated customer communication tools to engage and delight your clients

What Makes AgileField Different?

Instead of providing one single tool for field service management, the AgileField solution includes a set of integrated technological tools that you can flexibly link with your Sage 100 ERP system, as well as your CRM, to streamline your operations and processes.

Because the solution is cloud-based, it provides the anytime / anywhere access your field techs need with the secure, up-to-date software your business needs.

Put together, the various components of AgileField form an end-to-end field service management solution that grants enterprise-level capabilities to SMBs wanting to raise their customer service to new heights.

Is AgileField Right for Your Company?

If your company has been struggling to maintain on-hand inventory or overcome the limitations of paper-based scheduling and work order management, AgileField can help.

In addition, if your dispatchers spend hours of their time creating and rearranging schedules—only to put out countless fires later—AgileField may be the solution your business needs to overcome these obstacles.

Efficient Field Service Management Is Hard – But You Can Make It Easier

Some of your personal New Year’s resolutions may have fallen by the wayside by now, but your resolve to grow your business revenues in 2018 can still be easily accomplished. In fact, meeting your business goals for this year might be as easy as calling up your friendly reseller to learn more about your field service management options.


See AgileField in action when you schedule a demo with ISM.

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